Entity Entry Archive

OLC1: The Bust of the Goddess

IMI2: The Blood Angel Cult

PHA3: Carnivorous Houses

SHH4: Burlap

OHA5: The Familiar Corpse

IHA6: Gud Fud Gang

HHH7: The Vapors Priest

OHC8 : Spider Sodas

SHN9: Mr. and Mrs. Happy-Stab

SHN10: The Bloody Monkey

AMI11: Evil Rubber Ducks

OMC12: The Trustworthy Mask

OMA13: Cronch Brand Foods

HMN14: The Know-It-All

ALC15: Nightmare Crawlers

OHA16: The Sword of Goliath

IMA17: The Monastic Order of Numerodeism

PHA18: Voodoo Photo Editor Suite

HHH19: King Peak

OLC20: The Rebirth Cube

ALC21: Loyal Luggage

SLI22: Captain Superb

SLC23: The Parturition Jukebox

SHH24: Beor the Fleshsmith

OHN25: The Puzzle Box

AHN26: Magnum Dogs

OLC27: The Jubilist Manifesto

SMC28: The Demon’s Skull

OLC29: New Doors

IHH30: The Doll Pack

OMA31: Teutonville Pamphlets

SHH32: Flesh Spiders

OMA33: The Undead Express

ILC34: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends!

OHA35: The Endless Shotgun

SLI36: Meaty the Coyote

OLC37: The Thought Catalogue

AHA38: Bone-Hating Worms

SLC39: The Stream Messiah

PHI40: Flesh Displays

SHN41: Miss Matchmaker