IHH30: The Doll Pack

Location: The Appalachian Mountains.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Doll Pack is a large group of cooperating animate dolls that hunt the unwary in the Appalachian Mountains. Individual members are porcelain, plastic, and cloth dolls in varying states of disrepair and decay. The exact size of the Pack is not known, though estimates range from a hundred to seven thousand. They utilize these numbers to overwhelm their prey and tear them apart to ‘eat’. The dolls themselves eat by taking bits of meat from the victim and stuffing it into purposely made holes in their abdomens. It is not known if or how this meat is digested.

These entities are primarily nocturnal and will group into a series of heaps during their inactivity in the day. If one attempts to harm these heaps, the dolls will become active and swarm the assailant. During the night the dolls will traverse the forest, near but not on hiking paths, looking for humans to eat. If campers are found, the Pack will cut into the shelter with salvaged blades hidden in their bodies and start stabbing the campers until they perish. This often takes over an hour due to the lack of strength each individual doll wields. If an attempt at escape is made, the dolls will leap onto the victim. If a hiker or anyone wandering the forest is found, the dolls will simply leap at their legs to cut and trip them to make the killing simpler.

While some members of the Pack have expressed enough intelligence to communicate, they are generally unwilling to discuss matters with ‘prey’. There has been no success at trying to gain the respect of the dolls so as to not be seen as prey. As it stands now, the Doll Pack is wholly implacable and relentlessly dangerous.

Recommended Actions: If the Doll Pack, or sign of them, is encountered it is recommended to leave the area immediately. Take the most direct route, by the fastest mode possible, to safety. If possible, warn others away from the area and contact the authorities. The Doll Pack is dangerous, and it will kill if presented the opportunity.