OLC29: New Doors

Location: Urban area, usually in apartments.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: New Doors are the anomalous phenomenon of unfamiliar doors permanently appearing in areas where no door was previously. The New Door that appears will always be off-black regardless of the coloration of the room it resides and attempts to recolor it will fail. When the door is opened it will lead to a vacant room that oftentimes physically cannot exist in that area. This room can be furnished and used for a variety of tasks.

Any furnishings or items placed in the room will apparently be interacted with by an as of yet unidentified entity as evidenced by layers of dried blood and mucus appearing on them if left unattended for an extended period of time. Eventually this phenomenon will spread to other rooms of the residence. Once this occurs, the entity will take large amounts of food and beverages to the room and seemingly consume them there. So far, this entity is not known to have caused any harm to a person.

Recommended Actions: If a New Door appears in your place of residence, it can be safely ignored. The only known issues that can arise are purely hygienic. So, it is important to be more proactive in cleaning affected surfaces and keeping supplies well-stocked.