ILI91: The Para-Anon Network

Location: Various internet forums and social media websites.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Para-Anon Network is a decentralised collection of anomalous ‘hacktivists’ often closely associated with the Blood Angel Cult (IMI2), sometimes to the point of functioning as the digital arm of certain cells. Individual members tend to utilize their own anomalous abilities, anomalous computer equipment, or both to achieve their aims. These aims typically range from spreading awareness of issues they find important, to deliberate sabotage of ideological opponents, to even outright fraud and theft. Our own operations, which are to keep you the public safe and informed, have been frequently and maliciously targeted by the Para-Anon Network.

Most of the time the typical Para-Anon Network member is indistinguishable from a member of society not involved with the anomalous. Sometimes, when engaged with activities away from the internet such as protesting or subterfuge, they have been known to wear Guy Fawkes masks modified to include tentacle designs emerging from the eyeholes to conceal their identities. Despite some persistent rumors, these masks are not themselves anomalous. Identifying and tracking individuals associated with the Para-Anon Network has proven extremely difficult for law enforcement due to the anomalous abilities and equipment the Network has access to, as such we at PRAE have been brought in as advisors for various operations countering them. Previously the now defunct International Paranormal Containment Association (IPCA) would have taken this role.

Targets of the Network are typically organisations or persons associated with the anomalous, especially those the Network deems as ‘exploiting’ the anomalous for personal gain. The common tactic is to trick the target to give the individual hacktivist important security information in order to gain access to their system to either sabotage operations or leak information. Some members of the Network have anomalous equipment that if operated correctly allows unfettered access to even systems closed to the internet. Of course, the Para-Anon Network is not above fabricating information for their leaks. This is the case for the so-called leaks from our organisation which paint a rather depraved picture of our operations.

Recommended Actions: The Para-Anon Network, despite declaring themselves to have altruistic motives, cannot in any circumstances be trusted. Their activities actively undermine our operations which places you, the public, in danger. If you encounter them, or anyone emulating them, report them immediately to the host website. If the website is unwilling to comply, report it to either law enforcement or us here at PRAE. Do not ever trust the ‘leaks’ they put out as they are often misleading or entirely fabricated. If possible, do your best to discredit individual members and take steps to dissuade their destructive lifestyle. If you ever learn the real identity of a Network member, report it immediately.