OHA90: The Unobservable Object

Location: Presumed to be in the Lyre Family private collection.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: It is not known what the Unobservable Object is. Even whether it is in fact an object is purely theoretical as while it can be relocated and generally seems to remain stationary, it could very well be a plant, animal, or even person as we have been utterly unable to analyse any aspect of it. The only reason why we are aware that the Unobservable Object is something is because of its often catastrophic and injurious anomalous effect, which is that any sensory device or organ interacting with it immediately and permanently fails. This makes any attempts to analyze the object impossible.

If a person sees the object, they are rendered blind. If something hits against the object to produce a sound, everyone within earshot is rendered deaf. If someone touches the surface of the object, they lose their sense of touch. Someone so much as lifting the object with aid of another object will find themselves incapable of feeling pressure. Victims of the anomalous effect have been completely incapable describing the object due to the immediacy of the effect. The effect also functionally destroys any recording or observation equipment including cameras, audio recorders, and weighing scales.

The presumed current location of the Unobservable Object is in the possession of the Lyre Family, specifically contained within a sound-proofed and airtight crate as the object would intermittently deafen nearby people presumably by giving off an occasional sound. There was an attempted robbery that resulted in the Unobservable Object’s crate being opened and at least one of the robbers being affected, so it is unknown if they were able to obtain part of the object if such a thing is even possible. Tests have revealed that at least the anomalous effect, and therefore likely at least part of the object, is still present in the crate.

Recommended Actions: When it comes to the Unobservable Object, it is imperative to avoid it at all costs to avoid its permanent effects on you. It is unlikely that the robbers managed to seize a part of it from the Lyre Family private collection. However, if they did, be vigilant of any local reports of persons losing their senses especially if they happen in groups and in the same relative area. Contact your local authorities and us at PRAE so that it can either be safely extracted or have a zone established around it to prevent further contact if extraction proves impossible.