Anomalous Entity Classification System

We at the Public Registry of Anomalous Entities (PRAE) take our responsibility of informing and equipping everyday people with behaviors needed to survive the entities they may encounter seriously. To this end, we have formulated an intuitive classification system for the entities listed in the registry.

Intelligence Levels

Higher Intelligence (H) – Noticeably above human levels.

Sentient (S) – About human level.

Animal (A) – Below human, operates on instinct.

Plant (P) – Mostly grows and responds to environmental factors or stimuli.

Object (O) – Displays no intelligence.

Institution (I) – Is an organization, such as a cult or hive mind. Intelligence can vary wildly.

Danger Levels

High Danger (H) – Odds of death or injury in encounter exceed 25%.

Medium Danger (M) – Odds of death or injury in encounter range between 5%-25%.

Low Danger (L) – Odds of death or injury in encounter are below 5%.

Recommended Action

Hightail It (H) – Vacate the scene immediately to maximize survival odds. Note: Due to executive decision, this item was changed from “Vacate” to “Hightail It” to establish the easier to remember “Triple H Situation”.

Avoid (A) – By whatever means necessary, do not stimulate the entity. No sudden movements, reduce noise and visibility of your person, and do not engage it all.

Negotiate (N) – Attempt to appease the entity in a way favorable to yourself. Be careful of potential repercussions.

Intimidate (I) – Make yourself look big, maintain eye contact, and speak firmly. It is just as afraid of you as you are of it.

Carry On (C) – This entity can be safely ignored.

Putting it All Together

Compile the above indicators and add the entity’s assigned number and you have an easy general reference anyone can remember and interpret. For example; HHH12, SMA104, OHN111, HLC789. Memorize the system to best prepare yourself to react appropriately to an encounter.