Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

This document is meant only for trustworthy employees and Lyre family members. Unauthorized access will result in termination. Leaking this document will result in termination.

In light of the recent termination of Leopold Lyre II for his numerous recent failures as Chairman that resulted in many defections and our enemies gaining some legitimacy in the public eye, it is imperative to reiterate our true purpose and mission.

Our founder, Leopold Lyre I, first envisioned the Public Registry of Anomalous Entities to condition the public into willful and unquestioning conformity to his theological and behavioral framework as a pathway to the Godhead. That vision remains, only now we are more aware and continue to grow more aware of the persons and organisations that foolishly stand against us. They target our credibility because they know that credibility is the most valuable asset we have. So long as we are credible, the public by necessity must abide by our standards regardless of their opinion of us.

Our goal of modifying public behavior was initially only held back by the International Paranormal Containment Association (IPCA) and its effective containment of the anomalous, shielding the ignorance the public had of the anomalous. Through Operation Duckskin, the IPCA was revealed and disassembled, many of their former employees were terminated, and the many anomalous entities they contained were once again free. For a time, we were the only organisation left with the knowledge and reach to gain back a sense of normalcy and the public loved us for it.

Now the whole world knows about the anomalous, and that means competitors have arisen. Some of these groups employ the surviving IPCA employees, some even dare to employ PRAE defectors. Like a cutting the head off the Hydra, destroying the IPCA has spawned a multitude of smaller organisations. The lesson we have learned from this is that it is better to cripple and infiltrate such organisations, rendering them ineffective in countering us. Unfortunately, because of these organisations and the general ineffectiveness of our former Chairman, our popularity has crumbled with the proliferation of methodologies and narratives contrary to our own.

Fortunately, we still have advantages not easily overcome by our adversaries. With our new partnership with the ‘Overflowing Merchant’ and its many companies and facilities, our advantages grow. Our pre-existing program of generating anomalous entities, objects, and occurrences will benefit greatly from this partnership. This allows us to generate threats to the public that we already know how to handle, giving us a boost in credibility as our competition flounders. It is imperative that no one outside of the trustworthy portions of PRAE or the Lyre family know about this program or our partnership with the Merchant. Any whistleblowers will be discredited and prioritized for termination.

As it stands now, our purpose and mission are only partially complete and our hold on what we have achieved is tenuous at best. Not only do we face opposition from the remnants of the IPCA, but we also face continual agitation from anarchist and activist elements of society as well as now openly operating anomalous organisations. Especially noteworthy are the various cults dedicates to the Chained Gods, which will likely increase their antagonism due to our partnership with the Merchant. Whenever possible, we must utilize our resources to discredit anyone who speaks out against us. When we manage to overcome all our enemies, we will be in a position to dictate the behavior of all humanity and, if all goes according to plan, the very nature of reality itself.

Secretary to the Founder,

Benjamin Lyre