The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

Only PRAE employees and Lyre family members approved by the Board are permitted to access this document. Unauthorized access will result in a fine and memory wipe. The Overflowing Merchant is one of our long-term suppliers of anomalies and a newfound operational partner. It has a connection to the Chained Goddess, and therefore a connection … Continue reading The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Document for internal use only, leaking this document in whole or in part will result in termination. Welcome to the PRAE family. You have been selected from and vetted through one of our numerous shell companies in multiple sectors; be they restaurants, stores, labs, security, or construction. We have total confidence of your success in … Continue reading Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

This document is meant only for trustworthy employees and Lyre family members. Unauthorized access will result in termination. Leaking this document will result in termination. In light of the recent termination of Leopold Lyre II for his numerous recent failures as Chairman that resulted in many defections and our enemies gaining some legitimacy in the … Continue reading Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

PHH88: The Tumor Plague

Location: Mostly eradicated, except for some lab samples. Status: Inactive, eradicated anomalous disease. Description and Behavior: The Tumor Plague is an anomalous viral disease that functions as a contagious form of cancer. As an airborne disease, it is mostly spread via particulates in the air originating from infected persons but can also be spread though … Continue reading PHH88: The Tumor Plague

SMN87: Luther the Outcast

Location: Unknown. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: Luther the Outcast is an anomalous human known to have previously been a high-ranking follower of the Vapors Priest (HHH7) in the Chained Gods Temple before leaving. It is commonly described as being an abnormally large, hairless, and misshapen humanoid draped in a mass of cloths … Continue reading SMN87: Luther the Outcast

SLC85: The Red Reverend

Location: Wanders the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Red Reverend is an anomalous human in the Mojave Desert known to always wear a crimson cassock and an often blood-covered clerical collar. It appears as a six-foot three-inch (1.9 meter) tall white American male in their late thirties … Continue reading SLC85: The Red Reverend

IHN76: The Saints of the Chained Gods

Location: Scattered groups operate from compounds in Eastern Europe and Siberia. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Saints of the Chained Gods is a breakaway cult from the now-defunct Chained Gods Temple led by entities known as the Founder Saints or Founders, who have taken on the forms of large floating heads with a multitude … Continue reading IHN76: The Saints of the Chained Gods

SLA70: Necronauts

Location: Varies, often Necronautical practices are kept private. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Necronauts are anomalous humans capable of purposefully instigating a near-death state, whether through innate anomalous ability or by means of anomalous equipment, to interact with the elements of the afterlife. They usually have the intent of exploring, experimenting with, and explaining the … Continue reading SLA70: Necronauts