SMH66: Gernot “Boner” Knochenfeld

Location: Usually found in the employ of others as a mercenary. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Gernot Knochenfeld, often referred to by its peers by the nickname “Boner”, is an anomalous mercenary known to be a member of the Paranormal Mercenary Corps (IMA45). Knochenfeld resembles a human skeleton with metal instead of cartilage joints and … Continue reading SMH66: Gernot “Boner” Knochenfeld

OMN64: Steve’s Self-Filling Buckets

Location: All known instances ‘gifted’ through the mail by ‘Steve’, which is an entity of unknown origin. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Steve’s Self-Filling Buckets are anomalous four-gallon (15 liter) steel buckets with cheap paper sticker labels on them, usually with ‘Steve’s Bucket’ written on them with permanent marker. The inside of each bucket is … Continue reading OMN64: Steve’s Self-Filling Buckets

HLC58: The Organic Computer

Location: Unknown, in American government possession. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: The Organic Computer is a large living desktop computer made of organic material. The ‘tower’ is composed of grey matter of human origin contained inside of a chitinous exterior, which allows for incredibly effective multi-tasking and creative problem-solving abilities with a computing … Continue reading HLC58: The Organic Computer

SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

Location: Can manifest at competitions. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Reptilian Duelist is an anomalous reptilian humanoid known to be able to manifest at competitions. It stands at seven and a half feet (2.3 meters) tall and appears to be covered in dark grey scales. Its voice, while relatively deep and rough, is clearly … Continue reading SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer

Location: Western Europe, usually in Northern France and the Benelux region. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Rebar Puppeteer is an anomalous entity made of heavily corroded rebar twisted into a human-like shape. It is capable of adjusting its shape to change its perceived height and build, so it can vary wildly. Based on our … Continue reading AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer

OLC51: The Commoner’s Grimoire

Location: Commonly available on the black-market. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Commoner’s Grimoire is an anomalous book of anonymous, likely collective, authorship. Usually found as a paperback edition, though various hardcover editions exist. Inside the pages of each copy of the Commoner’s Grimoire are various magic spells, recipes, and general information. The key anomalous … Continue reading OLC51: The Commoner’s Grimoire

SLC39: The Stream Messiah

Location: Livestreams manifest at random on various livestreaming websites. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Stream Messiah is an anomalous animatronic depicting Jesus Christ that, from archived footage, seems to reside in the rundown basement of an unknown building. From its location, it participates in near-constant livestreams of itself speaking to the audience. The websites … Continue reading SLC39: The Stream Messiah

OHA35: The Endless Shotgun

Location: The Lyre Family private collection. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Endless Shotgun is an anomalous firearm of uncertain origin. It resembles a crudely made sawed-off double-barrelled shotgun with a wooden stock. Usually it rests on a wooden display stand with the words “For Dealing With Lots of Problems” carved into it. When it … Continue reading OHA35: The Endless Shotgun

ILC34: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends!

Location: The “Studio” manifests in random alleyways, the “Show” appears on channels unscheduled. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends! is an anomalous children’s television production starring the so-called ‘friends’ of Nathaniel, a character that has not appeared in any known archived episodes. Though the show appears to be animated, the characters are … Continue reading ILC34: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends!