ILC34: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends!

Location: The “Studio” manifests in random alleyways, the “Show” appears on channels unscheduled.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends! is an anomalous children’s television production starring the so-called ‘friends’ of Nathaniel, a character that has not appeared in any known archived episodes. Though the show appears to be animated, the characters are very much real people. These people seem to be somehow permanently trapped with the show, learning simple life lessons in every episode, after entering a door marked as leading to the studio for the show. This door seemingly manifests at random in alleys and does not seem to have any especial anomalous properties to draw people in, that process seems driven by natural human curiosity.

The show itself has the curious anomalous effect of inserting itself onto television channels (usually public access or local ones) without ever being scheduled to run. This has made it difficult for those attempting to archive the episodes as they only ever run once, leading to an incomplete picture of the phenomenon. As such, while we have not recorded any additional anomalous traits, it is impossible for us to be certain.

Of the episodes known to be archived, several characters feature more prominently than others, and some we have linked to missing persons. It should be noted that many local authorities do not share our views on this. In order of prominence:

Jesse the Jealous – Features in eighteen known episodes. Frequently learns lessons about jealousy. Identity correlates roughly to Jesse “Jelly” Hamilton, a homeless man who disappeared shortly before the first appearance of the character.

Crazy Kelly – Features in twelve known episodes. Frequently learns lessons about self-control. Identity could not be corroborated with any known person.

Billy – Features in eleven known episodes. Learns a variety of lessons. Identity correlates to William Golds, a runaway foster child.

Quick Frederick – Features in nine known episodes. An anthropomorphic cheetah who learns to appreciate the moment. Identity correlates to Frederick Jenson, a man known in the party scene for dressing up in a cheetah costume who had recently been evicted from his home and then disappeared.

Grump Sack – Features in six known episodes. A character known for its bad attitude and wearing a sack over its head. Other characters attempt to try to cheer it up, and then fail. Identity could not be corroborated to any known person.

Recommended Actions: It is strongly recommended to avoid entering any mysterious doors in alleyways, and to warn the unwary likewise. Other than entering that door, the Fantastic Nathaniel’s Amazing Friends! show is, as far as we can tell, relatively harmless and should be safe to ignore. We recommend against watching the show though, in case of the event of unknown anomalous effects.