OLC96: The Blood Pen

Location: In the possession of the Traveling Anomaly Exhibition.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Blood Pen is an anomalous fountain pen with a dark wood barrel and a rose gold-plated grip textured with a pattern of swirling drops, likely representing blood. It is lacking a cap, though some older documentation and pictures show it did at one point have one. There is a remnant of a steel clip in the back of the pen which was cut off by a previous owner for an unknown reason. The steel nib has a skull pattern on it, some contentious documentation suggests that this nib was a replacement for a previous rose gold nib.

The key anomalous effect of this object is that when intentionally used by a person, it uses blood drawn directly from them to utilize as ink. There are some unverified claims that some people who write with the Blood Pen can read the minds of people reading what they wrote down. How it manages to obtain the blood is unknown, as no observable punctures or openings are made on the user. It seems that the pen teleports the blood from inside the user’s arteries, due to the highly oxygenated blood that emerges from the pen. A particular artery has not been isolated. Excessive use of the Blood Pen has been known to result in users developing air bubbles in their bloodstream.

This anomalous object is one of a number directly owned and exhibited by the Traveling Anomaly Exhibition, which our organisation provides advisory and basic security services. Like many of the other exhibits, the Blood Pen is permitted to be interacted with by the public so long as appropriate supervision is present to prevent misuse or damage. Much of what we know about this object is due to the courtesy of the Traveling Anomaly Exhibition providing us with documentation and the ability to observe the object’s use.

Recommended Actions: The Blood Pen can only be reasonably expected to be encountered at the events of the Traveling Anomaly Exhibition. When at a Traveling Anomaly Exhibition event, please only interact with the Blood Pen or any present anomaly when under the direct supervision of qualified staff members. If you encounter the Blood Pen, or an object with similar anomalous qualities, outside of a Traveling Anomaly Exhibition event it highly recommended to report it to us here at PRAE. If it is the Blood Pen itself, we will take the appropriate measures to return it. If it is an object with similar properties, we will investigate it according to our own guidelines.