Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Document for internal use only, leaking this document in whole or in part will result in termination. Welcome to the PRAE family. You have been selected from and vetted through one of our numerous shell companies in multiple sectors; be they restaurants, stores, labs, security, or construction. We have total confidence of your success in … Continue reading Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

This document is meant only for trustworthy employees and Lyre family members. Unauthorized access will result in termination. Leaking this document will result in termination. In light of the recent termination of Leopold Lyre II for his numerous recent failures as Chairman that resulted in many defections and our enemies gaining some legitimacy in the … Continue reading Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

PLC100: The Uncontainable Prisoner

Location: Resides on a bench next to a classified road in Maine. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Uncontainable Prisoner is an anomalous human dressed in an orange jumpsuit, white t-shirt, and brown shoes that insists on spending all its time sitting on a specific bench in Maine. We have been prohibited from sharing the … Continue reading PLC100: The Uncontainable Prisoner

OLA98: Universal Pink Slips

Location: N/A Status: Inactive, known instances destroyed. Description and Behavior: Universal Pink Slips were anomalous pink pieces of paper contained within a notepad. Each piece measured five inches wide by eight inches long (12.7 x 20.3 cm) and was by default blank. The notepad was estimated to hold fifty pages, all of which were accounted … Continue reading OLA98: Universal Pink Slips

PHA97: Dracula Trees

Location: Originated in Transylvania, have since been planted in relatively secluded woods around the world. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Dracula Trees are anomalous carnivorous trees originally found in Transylvania, Romania. The initial population was destroyed, however additional instances have been planted in other regions by anomalously affected individuals. Physically, Dracula Trees resemble tall, thin … Continue reading PHA97: Dracula Trees

HHC95: The Friendly Fellow

Location: Manifests in buses and trains with low amounts of passengers. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Friendly Fellow is an anomalous entity that always takes the form of a man in their late sixties, with an apparent ethnicity identical to that of the individual they target. It usually wears a black business suit and … Continue reading HHC95: The Friendly Fellow

ILI94: The Order of the Caldera

Location: In and near Yellowstone National Park; small groups also tend to live together in safehouses throughout various towns in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Order of the Caldera, sometimes informally referred to as the Yellowstone Cult, is a moderate-sized anomalous cult dedicated to the Yellowstone Caldera. The membership size … Continue reading ILI94: The Order of the Caldera

OLA93: The Fission Space Heater

Location: Unknown, reportedly stolen when the IPCA was dissolved. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: The Fission Space Heater is an anomalous and incredibly resilient ceramic space heater that stands at three feet (0.9 meters) tall and two feet (0.6 meters) wide. It has a matted silver-colored plastic exterior with a faded “Fission Space … Continue reading OLA93: The Fission Space Heater