Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Document for internal use only, leaking this document in whole or in part will result in termination.

Welcome to the PRAE family. You have been selected from and vetted through one of our numerous shell companies in multiple sectors; be they restaurants, stores, labs, security, or construction. We have total confidence of your success in our organisation so long as you follow this quick guide. We have conveniently divided this guide into multiple little sections to make it easier to process.

Workplace Safety: Both the safety of your colleagues and you rest in your hands. You are expected to maintain the safety standards of your location/post. Safety standards and procedures vary depending on what types of materials are being handled. If your location and/or post deals with handling or being in proximity to the anomalous, take care to brush up on all available information on that or similar instances to best develop a well-informed response to situations. If your location and/or post handles sensitive Registry information, take all necessary precautions to prevent leaks or infiltrations as such information falling into the wrong hands can cause terrible results. Notably, leakers and those failing to stop leaks have been prone to grievous accidents causing their deaths.

Hygiene: You are expected to always maintain good grooming habits so as to make a good impression during surprise inspections from your superiors. Bad hygiene can often produce an impression of unprofessionalism and lack of care. There is also the issue of strong smells often being distracting from necessary tasks.

Language: The language we use is often indicative of the type of people we are. In accordance with our well-tested theory that the immoral are more susceptible to the anomalous, all employees are prohibited from the use of vulgar language in their professional and private lives. Initial offences will result in docked pay and additional fines to pay for an intensive re-education course. Further offences will necessitate the removal of the tongue to prevent further vulgar language, partial removal if the ability to speak is necessary to the employee’s duties. If this fails to stop their vulgarity, the employee will be made to undergo psychosurgery to adjust their personality.

Finances: The financial well-being of our employees is important to us. That is why the money you earn will be held in a specialised account to prevent mismanagement. Every month you will have an allowance from your income to purchase the essentials. At the end of each month, you will submit an itemized list of what was purchased, with proof via receipts, to ensure the allowance was properly utilized. If you require additional money from your account beyond your allowance, you will have to submit a request detailing your intentions so we can make sure your purchase is appropriate and morally uplifting.

Relationships: You are expected to make us aware of all persons you associate with. If any of them are deemed potentially disruptive to our operations, you are expected to sever the connection. Refusal to sever such connections will result in us taking executive action. It is preferable to only associate with your co-workers. Be sure to maintain mutual accountability by reporting any suspicious behavior or conversations. There may come the time in your career where one of your co-workers simply no longer shows up to work, do not question this. In the field of romance, all dates or other outings with the opposite gender require a qualified chaperone. This includes married couples.

Recreation: All hobbies and activities must be appropriate and morally uplifting. There already a number of pre-approved hobbies and activities that you can ask your supervisor about. If your intended hobby or activity is not on the list, you must submit a request so that it may undergo investigation. If you request a hobby or activity previously requested by an employee and denied, you be flagged and fined.

Authority and Respect: You are expected to respect and submit to authority. As far as you are concerned, Registry authority supersedes all other authorities. If your superior asks you to do something you think is illegal, do it. The important caveat is that you are always to concede to Lyre family members, except if you are in the Lab Department where most Lyre family members are prohibited. If your superior plots against the Registry, report it to Security. You will be punished if you participate in the plot.

Discipline: You are expected to submit to all discipline, whether or not you deserve it. Most punishments take the form of fines or docks in pay. Sometimes physical punishments are administered. In situations where the punished employee repeatedly refuses to abide by the rules, drastic re-education and/or psychosurgery are used to bring their behavior in line. No employee has ever been fired. No employee has ever quit. Some employees have had unfortunate accidents.

In summary, PRAE will have much to offer you so long as you keep in line with this little guide. Be sure to reread it often. It is vitally important.