The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

Only PRAE employees and Lyre family members approved by the Board are permitted to access this document. Unauthorized access will result in a fine and memory wipe. The Overflowing Merchant is one of our long-term suppliers of anomalies and a newfound operational partner. It has a connection to the Chained Goddess, and therefore a connection … Continue reading The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

Document for internal use only, leaking this document in whole or in part will result in termination. Welcome to the PRAE family. You have been selected from and vetted through one of our numerous shell companies in multiple sectors; be they restaurants, stores, labs, security, or construction. We have total confidence of your success in … Continue reading Internal Guide to the Expected Conduct of PRAE Employees

OMC77: The Gateway Television

Location: A foreclosed independent video store in Passaic, New Jersey. Status: Inactive (Broken beyond repair). Description and Behavior: The Gateway Television was an anomalous display television belonging to a now bankrupt video rental business. It was a 30-inch CRT television from an unknown manufacturer in the late 1990s. The documents from the business claim that … Continue reading OMC77: The Gateway Television

IMA45: The Paranormal Mercenary Corps

Location: Can usually be found in areas of high anomalous activity. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Paranormal Mercenary Corps is an anomalous, and illegal in most countries, mercenary company often in the employ of persons and organisations with interest in anomalous occurrences. They are known to interfere with our operations here at PRAE and … Continue reading IMA45: The Paranormal Mercenary Corps