IMA45: The Paranormal Mercenary Corps

Location: Can usually be found in areas of high anomalous activity.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Paranormal Mercenary Corps is an anomalous, and illegal in most countries, mercenary company often in the employ of persons and organisations with interest in anomalous occurrences. They are known to interfere with our operations here at PRAE and have a violent rivalry with our partner Lyre Security Contractors. The Corps primarily employs anomalous entities as mercenary soldiers to fulfill contracts. Individual mercenaries are given color-coded designations based on how effective they are in the field. The colors from least to most effective are Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Black. There is the typical army ranking following the American model, though it is unknown who owns/operates the Corps.

This company is mostly involved with contracts dealing with security, anomalous object acquisition, and operational disruption of other organisations. Due to the anomalous nature of their mercenaries, and the claim that the company operates in multiple realities, the cost of contracts often runs much higher than other mercenary companies. In situations where a client is unable to pay the Paranormal Mercenary Corps, the client is liable to ‘disappear’. Sometimes the client is somehow erased from history altogether.

In situations where the Corps is found, they usually operate to the letter of their orders. Therefore, they are highly unpredictable. In most circumstances, especially security detail, they establish a perimeter and patrol to ensure a smooth operation with as little violence as possible. In the rare circumstances where violence of some sort is the mission, they have been known to silence any witnesses with intimidation or death.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Paranormal Mercenary Corps, or any sign of it, please avoid the area at all costs. The Corps can be dangerous at the best of times, especially since the organisation is often enmeshed in various anomalous happenings. If you are in a country that has outlawed the Corps, please contact the relevant authorities at the nearest convenience. Please also contact us at PRAE so we can track their activities if some of their individual mercenaries are prolific enough to warrant their own entry.