SHA73: Joseph “Schrodinger” Alexander

Location: Usually found in the employ of others as a mercenary.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Joseph Alexander is an anomalous mercenary who is a noted member of the Paranormal Mercenary Corps (IMA45). It is often referred to by the nickname “Schrodinger” by its peers, much to its chagrin due to its professed disbelief in physics. Physically this entity has the appearance of a dark brown haired white male in their late twenties standing at six feet three inches (1.9 meters) tall and having a noticeable burn scar on the right side of their face. This entity claims the scar originates from a camping accident. The typical clothes Schrodinger wears are reminiscent of SWAT team gear while on a job, and a suit and tie combination with a hidden bullet-proof vest during its personal time. Regardless of the current attire, this entity always drapes a heavy trench coat on top to be able to use its more useful anomalous ability.

There are two key known anomalous abilities associated with this entity. Firstly, Schrodinger possesses the ability to reach into any unobserved place, such as a pocket or the inside of its trench coat, and pull out any object it desires or finds useful. It has demonstrated the capacity to produce various weapons, keys to doors it needs access to, and even legal tender currency. Secondly, Schrodinger possesses the detrimental ability that if it is not itself directly observed visibly it ceases to exist. This effect continues until the area this entity last was is directly observed, at which point Schrodinger immediately comes back into existence. The entity does not seem to age while in its state of nonexistence, and apparently does not perceive the passage of time while in this state. To avoid nonexistence, Schrodinger has been known to keep a small team of assistants to always stay by its side, usually with cycling shifts. Some of these assistants are themselves anomalous, and all are skilled in stealth and combat.

Most of the jobs this entity gets hired for have an element of intrusion and subterfuge due to the relative ease it has accessing restricted areas. Many classified documents, from both public and private organisations, have been accessed and/or stolen by this entity. Due to the nature of its work, Schrodinger has been known to silence any witnesses it is aware of.

Recommended Actions: In most circumstances, it is uncommon to encounter Joseph “Schrodinger” Alexander as it spends much time trying to steal documents. If encountered in an everyday setting, this entity is not usually dangerous. Many governments and organisations, ourselves included, have possible rewards for leads and information leading to this entity. Do not let the entity know that you are giving out this information. If you are in a situation where secretive documents are being kept near your location, it is more likely to encounter this entity and its assistants. Do your best not to get their attention and try to get out of the area. If leaving without being noticed is impossible, try to hide somewhere until they leave. If it notices you, it will try to silence you.