OHH74: The Gluttony Plate

Location: Stuck to a wooden table last sighted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Gluttony Plate is an anomalous dinner plate made of tin that cannot be removed from the wooden table it is currently attached to. This is due to the fact that the object has been superglued to the table and the effects of the object make any method of extracting it inherently dangerous. Around the outer edge of the Plate are inscribed a series of letters or runes of unknown origin. In the middle of the Plate is a crudely painted depiction of what appears to be some kind of king or chieftain, smiling wide while clutching their engorged stomach. The paint is of unknown composition due to the inability of our researchers to collect a sample as it seems impervious to damage.

The anomalous effect exhibited by this object is that any human being in a twenty-foot (6 meter) radius is utterly compelled to consume whatever solids or liquids touch the top surface of the Gluttony Plate. This includes any body parts that happen to brush against the surface, whether that body belongs to others or themselves. Inevitably this effect very easily leads to death as victims can end up cannibalizing each other and themselves. Several known incidents have resulted in mass casualties in this manner. There is also the circumstance where something thoroughly inedible, be it toxic or simply damaging to attempt to swallow, is in contact with the plate and so can also cause injury and/or death.

Recommended Actions: Currently the exact location of the Gluttony Plate is unknown. It is likely still somewhere in Amsterdam. It is also possible that it could have fallen into the hands on an anomaly collector based on some of our leads. Regardless, if you do encounter the Gluttony Plate leave immediately and report it to the authorities so that they may take appropriate preventative action. Please also contact us so that we may advise on the matter. Even something so small as an insect or a piece of dust is enough to activate this object’s anomalous effect. Once the Plate affects you, it is highly probable that you will accidentally touch it, and either be cannibalized or cannibalize yourself.