AMA75: The Aggressive Ambulance

Location: London, United Kingdom.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Aggressive Ambulance is an anomalous ambulance in London with markings indicating that it originated from Seattle, Washington. It notably always drives on the right side of the road. A multitude of dents and bloodstains are spread out on the outside of the vehicle. The interior of the Ambulance is seemingly stripped of what would be expected in a normal ambulance. There are no seats, no stretchers, and no medical supplies. Not even a driver of any sort is present.

This vehicle manifests seemingly at random on the streets of London ‘hunting’ for a person to victimize. Once it has selected a victim, it will make a beeline to hit them with as much force as possible. When the victim is struck, the ambulance will manifest two proxies in the form of faceless paramedics with a stretcher. These proxies will then acquire the victim and take them into the Ambulance, which will then drive around the block for about half an hour. After stopping, the Aggressive Ambulance will eject the victim who now has had all damaged body parts and organs replaced with plexiglass equivalents. The victim will be in perfect health despite their newfound anomalous nature, as the replacements seem to function better than the originals. After concluding its hunt, the Aggressive Ambulance will de-manifest by driving down an unoccupied alley or just ‘popping’ out of existence if that isn’t possible.

Recommended Actions: The Aggressive Ambulance can be differentiated from other ambulances by the fact of it driving on the wrong side of the road in London. If encountering it, please report its presence to the local authorities. Do your best to avoid being noticed by the Ambulance. As tempting as getting improved body parts and organs sounds, quite a few perish before this can happen. Even the ones that do get the improvements often find themselves the target of anomaly collectors.