AMI86: Euphoria Gut Worms

Location: Have spread to most countries, though at this point most hot spots have been contained. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Euphoria Gut Worms are an anomalous species of parasitic worm of uncertain origin. They resemble maggots perpetually pulsating with bright bioluminescent light of ever-shifting colors, to such a degree that the abdomen of a … Continue reading AMI86: Euphoria Gut Worms

AHI83: Air Marlins

Location: Originate from somewhere in the southern Caribbean Sea. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Air Marlins are anomalous airborne fish, specifically Atlantic blue marlins. In appearance and biology, they are almost indistinguishable from the non-anomalous, water-bound specimens of the species. Their main point of distinguishment is the fact that the Air Marlins ‘swim’ through the … Continue reading AHI83: Air Marlins

AMA75: The Aggressive Ambulance

Location: London, United Kingdom. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Aggressive Ambulance is an anomalous ambulance in London with markings indicating that it originated from Seattle, Washington. It notably always drives on the right side of the road. A multitude of dents and bloodstains are spread out on the outside of the vehicle. The interior … Continue reading AMA75: The Aggressive Ambulance

ALC68: House Crawlers

Location: Frequently live in rural and suburban housing in North America, some instances have spread to other continents. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: House Crawlers are an anomalous species of hairless ape resembling small, malnourished children with especially large eyes and teeth. The average height of this species when standing straight is about three and … Continue reading ALC68: House Crawlers

ALH67: Predatory Bathtub

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Predatory Bathtub is a large, carnivorous anomalous insect that resembles a large double slipper bathtub. It possesses six relatively short legs. The exoskeleton consists of a shiny, hard sheer white chitinous material that is smooth to the touch much like porcelain though significantly more resistant … Continue reading ALH67: Predatory Bathtub

AHA65: Curious Monkey Barrel

Location: Usually in urban alleyways, last sighted in Chicago, Illinois. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Curious Monkey Barrel consists of a number of baboon-like creatures with their muscles and bones twisted into each other, effectively ‘woven’ together to form a mass of flesh, limbs, and eyeless heads wedged into an eighty gallon (300 liter) … Continue reading AHA65: Curious Monkey Barrel

ALI59: House Dinos

Location: Ordered online via temporary websites. Some feral cases exist. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: House Dinos are anomalous pets sold by an unknown organization through temporary websites that are advertised through social media. Despite the name House Dinos are not actually dinosaurs but are rather other animals genetically engineered to resemble the pop cultural … Continue reading ALI59: House Dinos

AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer

Location: Western Europe, usually in Northern France and the Benelux region. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Rebar Puppeteer is an anomalous entity made of heavily corroded rebar twisted into a human-like shape. It is capable of adjusting its shape to change its perceived height and build, so it can vary wildly. Based on our … Continue reading AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer