ALH67: Predatory Bathtub

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Predatory Bathtub is a large, carnivorous anomalous insect that resembles a large double slipper bathtub. It possesses six relatively short legs. The exoskeleton consists of a shiny, hard sheer white chitinous material that is smooth to the touch much like porcelain though significantly more resistant to damage, especially from acid. On the ‘inside’ of the Bathtub is what appears to be soapy water. This is actually a highly acidic substance secreted by the entity, capable of dissolving an adult human within forty minutes.

This entity primarily hunts humans by means of breaking into homes and pretending to be their bathtub. Frequently this initial tactic does not work, and when it does not the entity will charge the human in an attempt to get it to fall into the ‘water’. Once the Bathtub has successfully gotten the human into itself, regardless of which method, it will spray the human with webbing from a spinneret disguised as a faucet in order to thwart its ability to escape and to encourage drowning. As soon as the human has dissolved, the Predatory Bathtub will let it flow down its ‘drain’ which leads to the digestion system of the entity. The Bathtub can seemingly go weeks to months without eating in this manner. There have been no known incidents of the entity producing excrement. If the Bathtub cannot manage to get a human inside of itself, it simply gets frustrated and leaves of its own accord.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Predatory Bathtub, do not climb into it even a joke. You will at the minimum get acid burns. If it starts charging at you, do your best to dodge and exit the room as soon as possible. The best way to avoid the Bathtub attacking you in the first place is to be vigilant of your surroundings. If you notice a double slipper bathtub that does not belong in the bathroom you are currently in, leave immediately. It is advised to temporarily relocate to another residence for about a week, by which time the Bathtub will have likely left for a new location.