AMI86: Euphoria Gut Worms

Location: Have spread to most countries, though at this point most hot spots have been contained.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Euphoria Gut Worms are an anomalous species of parasitic worm of uncertain origin. They resemble maggots perpetually pulsating with bright bioluminescent light of ever-shifting colors, to such a degree that the abdomen of a host often appears to be glowing. It is theorised that the pulsating lights are a form of communication between the worms. This likely facilitates collective feeding, mating, and egg laying. Each worm, being hermaphroditic, can lay up to fifty eggs.

These parasites secrete a strongly hallucinogenic liquid when consuming the food present in the stomach of their host. The more Euphoria Gut Worms, the more intense the hallucinations and euphoria. A chemical analysis of the liquid has proven inconclusive as to why it is capable of this. Regardless, the liquid essentially makes the host feel a strong sense of euphoria, experiencing their greatest desires every time they consume food and making it difficult to notice their worsening malnutrition as the worms eat all the food entering the digestive system. Once the host has perished due to malnutrition, the Euphoria Gut Worms will rapidly pulsate incredibly intense white light and collectively burst through the stomach to individually fly through the air, despite their maggot-like shape, to find new hosts. They have been known to travel up to about five hundred miles (805 kilometers) to find a new host. Once a new host is located, the Gut Worm will attempt to lay eggs in their next meal and then hide nearby to die.

Recommended Actions: Fortunately, the Euphoria Gut Worms phenomenon has proven easy enough for local governments to handle. This is largely due to them being incredibly easy for individuals to detect both in themselves and others due to the often-glowing abdomens of the hosts. If you notice either your abdomen glowing or that you hallucinate and experience a strong sense of euphoria after consuming food, go to a medical professional immediately to get checked for worms. If they find worms, they can be removed with either medicine or surgery. Once you are aware of their potential presence, do not attempt to remove them yourself and do not attempt to feed them to induce hallucinations. Be sure to alert anyone you suspect of having Euphoria Gut Worms of their potential predicament so that they may get themselves checked.