PHH88: The Tumor Plague

Location: Mostly eradicated, except for some lab samples. Status: Inactive, eradicated anomalous disease. Description and Behavior: The Tumor Plague is an anomalous viral disease that functions as a contagious form of cancer. As an airborne disease, it is mostly spread via particulates in the air originating from infected persons but can also be spread though … Continue reading PHH88: The Tumor Plague

ALH67: Predatory Bathtub

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Predatory Bathtub is a large, carnivorous anomalous insect that resembles a large double slipper bathtub. It possesses six relatively short legs. The exoskeleton consists of a shiny, hard sheer white chitinous material that is smooth to the touch much like porcelain though significantly more resistant … Continue reading ALH67: Predatory Bathtub

SMH66: Gernot “Boner” Knochenfeld

Location: Usually found in the employ of others as a mercenary. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Gernot Knochenfeld, often referred to by its peers by the nickname “Boner”, is an anomalous mercenary known to be a member of the Paranormal Mercenary Corps (IMA45). Knochenfeld resembles a human skeleton with metal instead of cartilage joints and … Continue reading SMH66: Gernot “Boner” Knochenfeld

AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer

Location: Western Europe, usually in Northern France and the Benelux region. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Rebar Puppeteer is an anomalous entity made of heavily corroded rebar twisted into a human-like shape. It is capable of adjusting its shape to change its perceived height and build, so it can vary wildly. Based on our … Continue reading AHH55: The Rebar Puppeteer

SHH32: Flesh Spiders

Location: Formally exclusively found in Antarctica, have since spread to many coastal regions. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Flesh Spiders are an anomalous species of massive arachnid-like vertebrates with facial features roughly resembling humans. Observed specimens range in size from eleven feet (3.35 meters) to seventy-two feet (21.95 meters) in legspan. Coloration and patterns vary … Continue reading SHH32: Flesh Spiders

SHH24: Beor the Fleshsmith

Location: Varies wildly, anomalous abilities allow it to blend into society and utilize mainstream transportation. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Beor the Fleshsmith is a reportedly ancient entity that has a supposed connection to the Chained Gods by being one of the sons of the Cannibal God. According to the cults associated with the Chained … Continue reading SHH24: Beor the Fleshsmith