HHH19: King Peak

Location: Can manifest in any mountain range.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: King Peak is a smooth red gemstone resembling a human eye that grows a red shale-like substance from itself. It has used this material to build an approximately twenty-thousand foot (6096 meter) tall mountain that it resides at the top of, sitting on a throne with a stone body said to resemble a bearded and ornately armored cyclops. This entity, as well as the mountain it resides on, can manifest and unmanifest at will. It uses this ability to appear in many mountain ranges around the world, sometimes near to a town or village.

When this entity and its mountain manifest near a town or village it causes an irresistible desire amongst the majority of the population to ‘prove themselves’ by trying to climb to the top of the mountain immediately without any safety equipment. Parents with either infants or toddlers will smash them against the rocks at the base before beginning the climb. Most of the people making the climb will perish. The deaths are usually by either falling, impalement, or both.

If a person reaches King Peak at the top of the mountain, they are knighted by it. In the knighting process they are transformed into ‘Red Knights’ by having their skin removed, and then their flesh and bones are ‘woven’ into a suit of armor. These Red Knights have anomalously great physical power and unwavering loyalty to King Peak. They wander the mountain, finishing off the wounded. Sometimes these Red Knights wander into nearby towns or villages and kill those who are resistant to the effects of King Peak.

Recommended Actions: There is little that can be done if King Peak manifests in the radius needed for its anomalous effects to take place, a radius that is unfortunately unknown. If you happen to be one of the few people impervious to the effects of King Peak, it is recommended to flee the situation as far and fast as possible due to the potential for the Red Knights to attempt to eliminate you. Do not try to save your friends or family.

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