OLC20: The Rebirth Cube

Location: Unknown, currently thought to be in the possession of one of the cells of the Blood Angel Cult (IMI2).

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Rebirth Cube is a black cube measuring three feet eleven inches (1.2 meters) on each side and weighing at least four thousand pounds (1814 kg). Its blackness is so absolute that it noticeably dims the light in any room it is in. The Cube continuously secretes a clear, gel-like substance from its surface that is described as smelling ‘sweet and smoky’. If this substance is consumed, the anomalous effects of this entity become manifest.

After consuming the substance, the person will feel intense cramping that starts in the stomach and spreads to the rest of the body. When two to three hours of this has occurred, the muscles of the body will start to violently spasm breaking every bone in the body. Following this the body will open, forming a nest for the roughly football-sized egg in the middle of it. In two to four weeks the egg will hatch, and a large larva will emerge. Over the course of two months this larva will eat the nest and then form a cocoon. After an additional six months the original person will emerge from the cocoon, now in peak physical condition. They will retain their memories, as well as remember the entire process that they just undertook.

Recommended Actions: Though it may be tempting to indulge in the substance secreted by the Rebirth Cube, we at PRAE recommend not partaking in it. Many who do suffer from severe psychological trauma. Fortunately, the substance does not seem to have any ill effects if not consumed and so the Cube can be safely ignored. If the Rebirth Cube is encountered, please inform PRAE as to the location so that our information may be updated.