ALC21: Loyal Luggage

Location: Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Loyal Luggage are anomalous instances of living luggage that currently only occur in the southern portions of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. These entities are typically quadrupedal leather suitcases with two eyes, two ears, a mouth, and an anus scattered seemingly randomly across their form. The term ‘Loyal Luggage’ is derived from it always being engraved on the bone handles of these entities. They exhibit a dog-like level of intelligence and seem eager to carry objects for their master. There have so far been eleven known instances.

Instances of Loyal Luggage only seem to occur after a dog goes missing. After an indeterminate amount of time after the disappearance, the Loyal Luggage appears and goes to the home of the owner and waits to be discovered. When discovered by the intended person or persons it responds enthusiastically and attempts to integrate itself into the household. If rejected it will live on streets and behave like a typical stray dog, if accepted it behaves as a typical family dog with the addition of being able to hold objects inside itself. Persons who accept the Loyal Luggage insist that it is in fact the original dog and usually point to behavioral quirks.

Recommended Actions: The first recommendation is to not permit the conditions that enable a pet to go missing in the first place. Beyond that, if an instance of Loyal Luggage is encountered it is recommended report it to PRAE for study as soon as possible. Fortunately, these entities have yet to cause any physical harm and can be safely ignored if one can stomach their appearance.