SLI22: Captain Superb

Location: N/A.

Status: Inactive, terminated.

Description and Behavior: Captain Superb (real name Gerald Johnson) was an anomalous human, a self-declared superhero. It was six feet three inches (1.9 meters) tall and weighed approximately two-hundred and thirty pounds (104.3 kg). It was a Caucasian male with brown hair and had the anomalous abilities of super strength, regeneration, and flight.

This entity was notorious among our staff at PRAE for frequently interfering in the operations of us and our partners. Frequently it would make wild accusations as to our conduct; making such claims as that we deliberately conceal information from the public, violently deal with rivals, and even that we dehumanize our critics. These are squarely false. We run an ethical organization and Captain Superb had no right to harass our researchers, injure our security, and hamper our ability to inform the public.

The lifestyle of this entity eventually caught up with it. Through an unfortunate information leak, the enemies Captain Superb had made over the years learned of its real identity and targeted its loved ones. Its wife, children, and best friend were killed by the Gud Fud Gang (IHA6) in Detroit. This led to this entity seeking vengeance on the Gud Fud Gang, who tricked it into a trap. They killed and devoured Captain Superb. Many of Captain Superb’s other friends, family, and colleagues have since met often mysterious and brutal deaths.

Recommended Actions: As this entity was quite thoroughly terminated by the Gud Fud Gang, it is unlikely to re-manifest and cause problems for the general populace. The only caveat seems to be that those who had a close relationship with it, or sought to continue its legacy, have been prone to rather unfortunate fates. This itself may be an anomalous property, so if you know anyone who knew the entity Captain Superb or even someone who wishes to walk in its footsteps please let us at PRAE know so that we may research this possible phenomenon. In the event of re-manifestation, it is recommended to apply social pressures to the entity to force it to cease disruptive activities.

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