SMN81: The Mad Mechanic

Location: The contiguous United States, currently in prison.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Mad Mechanic, real name unknown though Michael is the probable first name, is an anomalous human and self-proclaimed supervillain. It is a five-foot eleven-inch (1.8 meter) tall blond-haired American male of Polish and Hungarian descent based on genetic analysis. Currently it is serving a two-hundred-year prison sentence for its criminal activities. When not in prison, it often wears anomalously durable mechanical armor largely made of scraps that by no reasonable metric should function. This armor often allows for ludicrous feats of strengths and is equipped with an absurd array of weapons.

The anomalous ability of the Mad Mechanic is that anything it builds has the capacity to do whatever the Mechanic believes it able to do. For example, if the Mad Mechanic were to build a bicycle and believe that this bicycle could fly, it would be able to do so despite lacking anything that would make that physically possible. It seems that it is only the Mad Mechanic who can operate its constructs. Inversely, the Mad Mechanic cannot seem to get anything built by someone else to behave anomalously. Whether this is a genuine limit on the Mechanic’s ability or due to a mere psychological limitation due to this entity not trusting the handiwork of others is not at this time known.

Details about past events in the life of this entity are rare, with the only known facts being that it was from an unstable home life somewhere in the Midwest and spent early adult homeless. The Mad Mechanic claims that during its homelessness it discovered its own ‘genius’ and tried to make a legitimate living as an inventor. Unfortunately, the persons being sold the anomalous trinkets could not operate them, due to their “bullheaded ignorance” as the Mechanic put it and accused the entity of scamming them. Over the course of months, the Mad Mechanic grew disillusioned and turned to a life of crime, starting out by robbing stores with its bizarre gadgets and eventually building a small criminal fiefdom with robots often made of garbage and paper mâché wielding ‘laser guns’ made of hollow tubes and tinfoil. This brought it into conflict with other anomalous entities, most notably the ‘superhero’ Captain Superb (SLI22). These conflicts often resulted in large amounts of unneeded property damage. Sometimes these confrontations would result in the Mechanic being arrested, though it would inevitably escape using its anomalous ability. Ultimately the Mad Mechanic would be most recently arrested after trying to escape from authorities using a flying car made of cardboard that was brought down by a hailstorm.

Recommended Actions: We here at PRAE do not believe that the authorities are able to keep the Mad Mechanic in prison. Therefore, future encounters of this entity with the public are probable. If encountering this entity, or one of its ‘robots’, understand that it generally has the very predictable motivation of collecting money to sustain itself. As such the best course of action is to simply comply with its orders until you can safely report the incident. Resisting is guaranteed to result in harm due to the physics defying nature of the Mechanic’s many ‘inventions’. Do not attempt to mock the entity in any way during an encounter, instead attempt to praise its ‘genius’ as it responds positively to praise.