IHH80: The Bayou Pack

Location: Generally found in the swamps of Louisiana.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Bayou Pack is a large pack of semiaquatic, undead dogs. Estimates of the exact size of the pack range from twenty to forty individual dogs. Most of the dogs are of breeds bred as either guard dogs or fighting dogs, with a small minority of hunting dogs. Each dog is heavily bloated and constantly oozing blood and pus, despite being undead for years, and a number of them have noticeable amounts of their skeleton exposed. All attempts to terminate them by conventional means by local police have failed, though some have been crippled and captured.

These entities are rumored to be the by-product of a ritual done by the Bayou Butcher, an infamous uncaught serial killer from the 1890s said to possess anomalous abilities. The rumor claims that the Butcher kept and bred the dogs as protection from those who may hunt him down for his misdeeds. It was claimed that he would feed victims to the dogs. Then one day, as the rumor claims, the local sheriff assembled a large posse to bring him to justice and the Butcher knew he could not escape. So, he summoned a demon and conducted a ritual which concluded with the dogs devouring his body in totality, imbuing the Bayou Pack with his soul and will so he could through them hunt down his pursuers one by one. This story cannot be verified, though there are some records of disappearances associated with the Bayou Pack dating back to then.

The Pack mostly hunts humans, likely for pleasure as they have demonstrated a lack of need to eat. Their hunting habits mostly consist of swimming under the water of swamps to sneak up on lone boats. Once near the boat, one or two of the dogs will attempt to climb onto the boat to either scare or drag the human or humans off it. If this is achieved and their prey is in the water, they will bite and tear at them until they perish. If their prey cannot be driven into the water, they will attempt to force them to get tangled in vegetation to allow for them to wear down the prey through constant assault or abandon the boat for land to run them down. Regardless, after a successful hunt, the Bayou Pack will mutilate the corpse or corpses and then dump them near a road to be discovered.

Recommended Actions: The Bayou Pack is inherently dangerous due to preferring ambush and attrition tactics in hunting, coupled with their undead nature. The best way to ensure your survival is to never boat alone, always remain vigilant, and if an attack commences to stay calm. Stay in your boat and attempt to go to the nearest city, town, or village. The Bayou Pack typically avoids areas with more than twenty people, likely due to fear of retribution.