OLC79: The People Printer

Location: Unknown, in American government possession.

Status: Unknown, presumed active.

Description and Behavior: The People Printer is an anomalous 3D printer that utilizes human organic material to ‘print’ new humans. This Printer is comprised of what on casual observation would appear to be a normal 3D printer bolted to a wooden casket, ten tempered glass containers holding various types of tissue from the human body attached to the casket and feeding into the Printer, and a resistive touchscreen with a largely gray user interface attached to the Printer though detachable with the aid of a USB mini cord. It is unknown where the material in the glass containers originates, with all the material sharing the same genetic makeup. Further research is currently impossible due to the governmental possession of the object.

The Printer is activated via the resistive touchscreen interface, which allows for rudimentary customization options in making a human being. Once the options are chosen and then confirmed, the People Printer will start constructing the person in the casket according to the inputted specifications using the tissue material in the tempered glass containers. After the four to eight hours needed to build the complete body, depending on the size of the printed person, an electric shock will be discharged from the printer into the body, somehow rendering it animate. The persons printed by the People Printer demonstrate no anomalous qualities and can after some education be properly integrated into society.

Recommended Actions: In the unlikely event of encountering the People Printer, do know that there are no known incidents of it causing any harm to a person. It is recommended to never use the People Printer, due to the ethical issue of how to handle the printed people properly. Generally, it is best just to ignore the object and at most report it to the American government so that they may reacquire it.