ALC15: Nightmare Crawlers

Location: Humid regions, usually near the coast.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Nightmare Crawlers are an anomalous species that superficially resemble large centipedes with anywhere from nine to fifteen sets of legs, though they are in fact vertebrates. They crawl in behind the eyes of their victims while they sleep. Once in place, they inject an anomalous venom that causes a deep yet distressed sleep resulting in long and stressful nightmares. The Nightmare Crawler then somehow ‘feeds’ off of the nightmares, often manifesting in the nightmare itself as a human-like face that taunts the victim with a word salad of negative and violent terms. Occasionally the entity will lose part of a leg or other appendage due to the muscle movements of the distressed victim, these usually end up in the front of the eye and closely resemble eyelashes. Eventually the Nightmare Crawler will lay eggs in the sinuses of the victim. Once these hatch, the young Nightmare Crawlers leave the victim while they sleep and seek out new hosts.

Recommended Action: It is recommended to wear a relatively tight-fitting sleep mask to deny initial entry to the Nightmare Crawlers. If you do exhibit the symptoms associated with them, chiefly frequent nightmares and pressure behind the eyes, check any eyelashes you remove from your eyes to confirm that they are not actually legs. Regardless of whether they are, go to a doctor to inspect the situation. Fortunately, the Nightmare Crawlers have never been linked to a death or serious injury, so dealing with them is a matter of comfort and can be done at a relatively leisurely pace.

OLC1: The Bust of the Goddess

Location: Unknown.

Status: Unknown, presumed active.

Description and Behavior: The Bust of the Goddess is an approximately two-foot (0.6 meter) tall bust depicting the head and shoulders of a woman of unknown ethnicity. Surviving descriptions of the Bust describe the woman in question as having deep gashes across the front off her face and three empty eye-sockets that seep a black fluid with the consistency of molasses but the smell of blood. Instead of hair, the head is said have five horns with ornamental carvings; though some claim there are up to twenty horns. It is said to change the expression on its face when not observed, and apparently can be heard breathing if carefully listened to.

The Bust was last known be in the possession of the now defunct Chained Gods Temple; a cult that believed the Bust to be both a depiction and conduit of their chief deity, the Chained Goddess. It was their belief that collecting the Bust and its missing eyes would allow the Chained Goddess and her allies to escape their captivity in their full forms to claim the earth as theirs. It is presumed that one of the various splinter groups formed from the surviving members of the Temple currently possess the Bust.

Persons known to have spent a significant amount of time in proximity to the Bust claim to develop the ability to hear it speak. Whether this is due to a degraded mental state or a genuine anomalous trait cannot be determined. What can be determined is the fact that the groups interested in this anomalous entity are willing and able to pursue it to radical lengths, presenting a danger whenever there is a rumor of its presence.

Recommended Actions: This anomalous entity is not, itself, dangerous if the records on it are to be regarded as accurate. At most, the Bust may cause some mental deterioration after prolonged exposure. The groups pursuing it are the real threat to your person. Therefore, it is recommended to ignore this entity and at most try to remain away from anywhere rumors indicate it may be. Instead, please report any rumors to us at PRAE so that we may investigate and learn more about this entity.