HLC92: The Angel of Death

Location: Varies, typically hunts those that “defy death”.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Angel of Death is a self-described angel, which is to say a powerful entity pledging fealty to God, that is incredibly active in mortal affairs. Whether it is truly an angel or something else entirely cannot be verified at this time. When appearing physically, it usually takes the form of a six-winged humanoid giving off intense ultraviolet light that rapidly ages nearby mortals. It uses two sets of its black wings to cover itself and prevent the light from causing unintended harm, the remaining set of wings are used by the entity for hovering at nearly all times. The set of wings covering the top half of its body has a human skull pattern roughly correlating to the same area as the face. Alternatively, this entity sometimes disguises itself as human to track more elusive targets. This human form is usually as a tall man in their forties wearing a stark black suit. Regardless of form, it is always capable of manifesting a scythe to utilize as a weapon if needed.

This entity is mostly interested in hunting down those who, in its own words, “violate nature by defying death”. The usual targets, as per this descriptor as well as documented encounters with the Angel of Death, are anomalous entities that were once human who willfully rendered themselves anomalous. A hunt of these individuals entails the Angel of Death stalking them while incorporeal and imperceptible until they are alone, at which point the entity will corner them and expose them to their ultraviolet light to rapidly weaken them so as to strike them with its scythe and end their anomalous life. The Angel of Death has also been known to conduct ‘mercy kills’ on grievously wounded humans and animals by laying its hands on them and ceasing their bodily functions. It seems this ‘touch of death’ is not a persistent anomalous effect, as there are instances of regular persons making physical contact without issue.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Angel of Death, you should have nothing to fear from it, so long as you are not anomalous or willfully antagonizing it. Do be aware that its perceivable presence likely means that other, likely dangerous, entities are in the area. In the event that you are seriously wounded while near to the Angel of Death, be certain to repeatedly verbalise your unwillingness to die so that the entity does not conduct a mercy kill on you. It has unfortunately demonstrated a lack of understanding of human body language, so if you are unable to speak it is likely best to attempt to hide. Outside of being wounded, this entity is generally safe to ignore.