OLA93: The Fission Space Heater

Location: Unknown, reportedly stolen when the IPCA was dissolved.

Status: Unknown, presumed active.

Description and Behavior: The Fission Space Heater is an anomalous and incredibly resilient ceramic space heater that stands at three feet (0.9 meters) tall and two feet (0.6 meters) wide. It has a matted silver-colored plastic exterior with a faded “Fission Space Heater” decal on top and derives power from a typical electrical outlet, somehow consuming no more electricity than a typical space heater. The object has two settings, the first heats a ten-by-ten-foot (3 x 3 meter) room by nearly two degrees Fahrenheit (about 1°C) per minute, and the second which heats the same room by nearly two degrees Fahrenheit (about 1°C) per second. The second setting especially can rapidly become dangerous if unmonitored, and both can cause serious damage as there seems to be no limit to how much heat the object can generate. Experiment logs indicate that the room’s electrical wiring fails before the Space Heater does.

Previously, this object was in the possession of the International Paranormal Containment Association (IPCA), which kept it under containment and studied it intermittently. Most of what we know about the Fission Space Heater is from documents we obtained from the now-shuttered organisation. When the IPCA eventually folded due to intensive legal issues, many of its contained anomalies escaped or were stolen in the ensuing bureaucratic chaos. The Fission Space Heater seems to have been one of the stolen items. As such, the whereabouts of this object is not known and until it inevitably causes destruction it is completely untraceable due to its relatively low energy consumption. It is most probably in the possession of a former employee of the IPCA; however, it is difficult to narrow down the possibilities due to the thousands employed by that organisation coupled with the fact that documents do not indicate which specific facility the Heater was contained at. Another possibility is that it is still located at one of the many secretive ‘Black Sites’ used by the IPCA to conduct more controversial research and were abandoned and in many cases still not located to this day.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Fission Space Heater, do not attempt to use it and especially do not leave it running unsupervised. Documents do note that the power and settings switches are incredibly sensitive and can accidentally be switched on by slightly jostling the appliance. Generally, do not use appliances that do not belong to you without express permission and guidance, and always test new and second-hand appliances in a controlled environment to minimize the potential for failures and fires. These general principles will ensure that if you encounter the Fission Space Heater or other anomalous appliances, you will have the habits necessary to maintain your safety. Please report the location of the Fission Space Heater to both your local authorities and us at PRAE, so that the object can be safely studied, and preventative measures put in place to ensure public safety.