OLA98: Universal Pink Slips

Location: N/A Status: Inactive, known instances destroyed. Description and Behavior: Universal Pink Slips were anomalous pink pieces of paper contained within a notepad. Each piece measured five inches wide by eight inches long (12.7 x 20.3 cm) and was by default blank. The notepad was estimated to hold fifty pages, all of which were accounted … Continue reading OLA98: Universal Pink Slips

PHA97: Dracula Trees

Location: Originated in Transylvania, have since been planted in relatively secluded woods around the world. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Dracula Trees are anomalous carnivorous trees originally found in Transylvania, Romania. The initial population was destroyed, however additional instances have been planted in other regions by anomalously affected individuals. Physically, Dracula Trees resemble tall, thin … Continue reading PHA97: Dracula Trees

OLA93: The Fission Space Heater

Location: Unknown, reportedly stolen when the IPCA was dissolved. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: The Fission Space Heater is an anomalous and incredibly resilient ceramic space heater that stands at three feet (0.9 meters) tall and two feet (0.6 meters) wide. It has a matted silver-colored plastic exterior with a faded “Fission Space … Continue reading OLA93: The Fission Space Heater

OLA82: Steve’s Automatic Diaries

Location: Is delivered by mail to intended recipients. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Steve’s Automatic Diaries are anomalous books that begin with entirely blank pages. The cover is always light blue, labelled with a paper sticker saying, “Steve’s Automatic Diary – Gifted to [insert recipient’s name]” and the book is perpetually one inch (2.5 cm) … Continue reading OLA82: Steve’s Automatic Diaries

AMA75: The Aggressive Ambulance

Location: London, United Kingdom. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Aggressive Ambulance is an anomalous ambulance in London with markings indicating that it originated from Seattle, Washington. It notably always drives on the right side of the road. A multitude of dents and bloodstains are spread out on the outside of the vehicle. The interior … Continue reading AMA75: The Aggressive Ambulance

SHA73: Joseph “Schrodinger” Alexander

Location: Usually found in the employ of others as a mercenary. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Joseph Alexander is an anomalous mercenary who is a noted member of the Paranormal Mercenary Corps (IMA45). It is often referred to by the nickname “Schrodinger” by its peers, much to its chagrin due to its professed disbelief in … Continue reading SHA73: Joseph “Schrodinger” Alexander

SLA70: Necronauts

Location: Varies, often Necronautical practices are kept private. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Necronauts are anomalous humans capable of purposefully instigating a near-death state, whether through innate anomalous ability or by means of anomalous equipment, to interact with the elements of the afterlife. They usually have the intent of exploring, experimenting with, and explaining the … Continue reading SLA70: Necronauts

AHA65: Curious Monkey Barrel

Location: Usually in urban alleyways, last sighted in Chicago, Illinois. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Curious Monkey Barrel consists of a number of baboon-like creatures with their muscles and bones twisted into each other, effectively ‘woven’ together to form a mass of flesh, limbs, and eyeless heads wedged into an eighty gallon (300 liter) … Continue reading AHA65: Curious Monkey Barrel

IHA62: Itinerant Soviet Republic of Transmortemia (ISRT)

Location: Manifests ‘between’ the borders of countries due to reality-bending nature. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Itinerant Soviet Republic of Transmortemia (ISRT), previously known as the Ethereal Duchy of Transmortemia, is an anomalous ‘Necro-Marxist’ nation-state that frequently relocates itself via its reality-bending properties. It typically manifests at various international borders, effectively temporarily wedging itself … Continue reading IHA62: Itinerant Soviet Republic of Transmortemia (ISRT)