SLA70: Necronauts

Location: Varies, often Necronautical practices are kept private.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Necronauts are anomalous humans capable of purposefully instigating a near-death state, whether through innate anomalous ability or by means of anomalous equipment, to interact with the elements of the afterlife. They usually have the intent of exploring, experimenting with, and explaining the supernatural world. Unfortunately, the Necronautical practice is incredibly dangerous as spending large amounts of time in the near-death state weakens the bond between the body and soul. Because of this fact there are three broad ‘types’ of Necronauts that may be encountered based on how much that bond has deteriorated. They are as follow:

Green Necronaut – These are Necronauts who are relatively new to the practice, or otherwise spend little time in the near-death state. They are the least anomalous type of Necronaut and can blend into normal society. Besides some outlandish ideas and some entities they catch the attention of, they are usually not very dangerous.

Gray Necronaut – These are typically the Necronauts more experienced in the practice. Due to the time spent in the near-death state, their skin has become gray and some necrosis is common in the extremities. The bond between their body and soul is partly severed and they are prone to extended dissociative episodes. Often, they struggle to understand the consequences of their actions and have given up on trying to get other people to understand their ‘research’. Some utilize anomalous means, technological or otherwise, to slow or halt their deterioration.

Gangrenous Necronaut – These are by far the most experienced, and most unhinged, Necronauts possible. By this point they have lost the bond between their body and soul, effectively becoming more spirit than anything. Often, they can still control what is left of their body, though usually they prefer to acquire new bodies or build ones out of machines. They have severe difficulties relating to the non-anomalous and are prone to forgetting the needs and limitations of the mortal. This frequently causes accidental deaths.

Recommended Actions: Every Necronaut is a distinct being with distinct motivations. Most just want to be left alone to their ‘research’ and only hurt others accidently. Some are genuinely dangerous beings seeking powers from beyond this life. Regardless, we recommend avoiding the practice entirely due to the inherent dangers. We also encourage you to warn those you know who may interested to avoid the practice. If you encounter any Necronaut, it is advised to avoid them. Try to not get their attention as these beings are known to recruit ‘lab assistants’ to help in their often-dangerous experiments.