IMI69: Sewer Men

Location: Urban Sewers.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Sewer Men are the bizarre phenomenon of humans rendered anomalous seemingly by their own volition. For an unknown reason, a cult centered around a supposed entity known as “The Prince of Filth” has established itself. The cult congregates periodically in the sewer systems of urban areas. At these meetings at least one of their number will volunteer to be turned into a Sewer Man. This is achieved by laying them on an altar made of polished concrete and then removing all flesh and organs from their body to leave only the skeleton. Ceremonial runes are then carved into each bone and the surface of the bones are generously covered with liquid shellac. After the shellac has dried, the cult will use a blood and excrement mixture to shape a body around the skeleton. The body is then left alone as the cult members leave; it then becomes animate within a twenty-four-hour period.

The entities resulting from this ritual are incredibly dangerous. Their bodies are incredibly resistant to most damage, except for fire damage which they are thoroughly vulnerable to due to their high flammability. They have a high amount of physical strength, able to pull limbs clean off of humans, and have a maximum known speed of forty miles per hour (64 km/h).If they ever lose mass from their body, they are known to consume human flesh so as to generate more of the blood and excrement mixture to restore themselves. Most dangerous of all is the fact that these entities function as a hive mind. Knowledge, awareness, and intent are all shared among all instances of Sewer Men. This enables them to coordinate in an efficient manner. Often ambushes are set for unexpecting persons, or the entities can avoid those they deem a threat. Even if an ambush is survived, the victim usually suffers from a cocktail of freshly contracted diseases.

There is no known long-term goal of these entities beyond growing their numbers. Some captured instances have claimed that each Sewer Man is an extension of “The Prince of Filth” spreading its influence. They also claim that they intend to wage war on the surface world for “shunning the filth”. These statements so far seem unsubstantiated due to the few sightings of the Sewer Men outside of their sewers. Members of the cult associated with the Sewer Men regard them as some sort of priest, and actively seek them out for various cultic rites. Interviewing some of these cult members has revealed little besides the fact that there are likely a little less than ten thousand sewer men around the world.

Recommended Actions: The best way to avoid the Sewer Men is to never enter the sewers as they are very rarely sighted above ground. If it is not your job to be in the sewers, you have no reason to be there. If it is your job to enter the sewers, please never enter alone and be sure to bring something you can defend yourself with. Something that burns would be most effective, such fire-based flares. As long as the Sewer Men see you as a credible threat in a fight, they are more likely to leave you alone. If you are attacked, fight them off as best you can and try to exit the sewer as quickly as possible. Then go to a doctor or other medical professional to get tested for any diseases you may have contracted.