SLC61: The Pestering Crone

Location: Manifests late at night in random houses. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Pestering Crone is an anomalous entity resembling a small elderly woman. It initially manifests in a house at night and then remains in close vicinity to the initial manifestation point, in both visible and invisible forms, until it leaves of its … Continue reading SLC61: The Pestering Crone

SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

Location: Can manifest at competitions. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Reptilian Duelist is an anomalous reptilian humanoid known to be able to manifest at competitions. It stands at seven and a half feet (2.3 meters) tall and appears to be covered in dark grey scales. Its voice, while relatively deep and rough, is clearly … Continue reading SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

SMA49: The Great Stooge

Location: Manifests inside of minimum wage workplaces. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Great Stooge is a seemingly mute anomalous entity known for pretending to be an employee in the minimum wage workplaces it manifests in. It appears as a tall, rotund clown dressed in the uniform of the establishment. While the customers and staff … Continue reading SMA49: The Great Stooge

SMN44: Prairie Sirens

Location: The Great Plains, North America. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Prairie Sirens are exclusively female anomalous entities found in the Great Plains of North America. They primarily prey upon the human male population of remote areas of the region. Physically they resemble a cross between birds and female humans. Their bodies are covered in … Continue reading SMN44: Prairie Sirens

SHN41: Miss Matchmaker

Location: A large mall-like structure orbiting Venus, where ‘guests’ are transported by invitations. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Miss Matchmaker is an entity that resides in ‘The Love Mall’, which orbits around the planet Venus. It declares itself to be a fallen angel, or demon, of love. These claims are currently unverified. The entity is … Continue reading SHN41: Miss Matchmaker

SLC39: The Stream Messiah

Location: Livestreams manifest at random on various livestreaming websites. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Stream Messiah is an anomalous animatronic depicting Jesus Christ that, from archived footage, seems to reside in the rundown basement of an unknown building. From its location, it participates in near-constant livestreams of itself speaking to the audience. The websites … Continue reading SLC39: The Stream Messiah

SLI36: Meaty the Coyote

Location: Can be found at various conventions in the United States. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Meaty the Coyote is an anomalous entity that disguises itself as a neon red coyote mascot that travels the country. This costume has subtle spots on it, a purple mohawk, pierced ears and nose, and a shirt/leather jacket combination. … Continue reading SLI36: Meaty the Coyote

SHH32: Flesh Spiders

Location: Formally exclusively found in Antarctica, have since spread to many coastal regions. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Flesh Spiders are an anomalous species of massive arachnid-like vertebrates with facial features roughly resembling humans. Observed specimens range in size from eleven feet (3.35 meters) to seventy-two feet (21.95 meters) in legspan. Coloration and patterns vary … Continue reading SHH32: Flesh Spiders

SMC28: The Demon’s Skull

Location: Usually hides in homes and wanders around at night before leaving. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Demon’s Skull is a jawless humanlike skull with short horns. It has a brown coloration, and typically floats about six feet (1.8 meters) from the ground. Generally, this entity manifests inside of a home between the hours … Continue reading SMC28: The Demon’s Skull