SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

Location: Can manifest at competitions.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Reptilian Duelist is an anomalous reptilian humanoid known to be able to manifest at competitions. It stands at seven and a half feet (2.3 meters) tall and appears to be covered in dark grey scales. Its voice, while relatively deep and rough, is clearly feminine. The clothing this entity wears depends on the type of competition it manifests at, wearing the appropriate gear if needed but defaulting to a full set of steel plate armor if no specific gear is required.

The typical behavior of this entity is that upon manifestation at a competition, usually a small local one, it will immediately start challenging the competitors present to beat it. Challenges are usually given as being to the death or first blood in physical contests. Once the challenge is accepted by one or more competitor, the Reptilian Duelist will prepare to face them in a particularly aggressive version of the competition. Oftentimes death or severe maiming is the result of facing the Duelist, sometimes by means of exhaustion if the Duelist chose a test of endurance. In the rare situations where the opponent wins, usually by the entity conceding, the Reptilian Duelist will offer them a place in their ‘court’. This offer bizarrely is always accepted and once it is the entity will snap its fingers, instantly transforming the opponent into a reptilian version of themselves and then disappearing together. Due to some clear similarities, it is believed that this entity is a conduit of one of the ‘chained gods’, specifically B’Thule.

A non-exhaustive list of the competitions this entity is known to manifest during include volleyball, dodgeball, checkers, chess, basketball, football, tic-tac-toe, various trading card games, trivia competitions, wrestling, fencing, track and field, billiards, boxing, various videogame tournaments, and debates.

Recommended Actions: If the Reptilian Duelist manifests during a competition you a participant of it is heavily recommended to not accept any challenges it makes. If there is any degree of physicality in your competition your injury is assured as this entity is assuredly much bigger and stronger than you. Even if you manage to win, the only thing you would have to look forward to is a probable lifetime of servitude to a large female reptile. By not competing, you avoid this fate and the entity itself does not seem to deliberately cause harm to bystanders. Therefore, the entity is safe to ignore so long as its challenges are not taken up.