Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

This document is meant only for trustworthy employees and Lyre family members. Unauthorized access will result in termination. Leaking this document will result in termination. In light of the recent termination of Leopold Lyre II for his numerous recent failures as Chairman that resulted in many defections and our enemies gaining some legitimacy in the … Continue reading Internal Memo of the Purpose and Mission of PRAE

HLC92: The Angel of Death

Location: Varies, typically hunts those that “defy death”. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Angel of Death is a self-described angel, which is to say a powerful entity pledging fealty to God, that is incredibly active in mortal affairs. Whether it is truly an angel or something else entirely cannot be verified at this time. … Continue reading HLC92: The Angel of Death

OHA16: The Sword of Goliath

Location: The Lyre Family private collection. Status: Inactive. Description and Behavior: The Sword of Goliath is an exceptionally long and heavy bronze sword with now inert anomalous properties. With a length of about seventy inches (177.8 centimeters) and a weight of about twenty pounds (9.1 kilograms), it is largely impractical considering its one-handed design. Though … Continue reading OHA16: The Sword of Goliath