OHA16: The Sword of Goliath

Location: The Lyre Family private collection.

Status: Inactive.

Description and Behavior: The Sword of Goliath is an exceptionally long and heavy bronze sword with now inert anomalous properties. With a length of about seventy inches (177.8 centimeters) and a weight of about twenty pounds (9.1 kilograms), it is largely impractical considering its one-handed design. Though called the Sword of Goliath according to a Hebrew inscription across the guard, it is not known if this is the authentic weapon or one inspired by the original. Regardless, what cannot be doubted is the formally anomalous nature of this sword. When wielded by a person, it would both give them immense physical strength and the desire to destroy all ‘impure’ things. Unfortunately, the weapon seemed to deem most living things as impure, leading to the wielder rampaging uncontrollably until killed. According to the Sword’s custodian, it lost its anomalous properties after developing a fault along the length of the blade.

Recommended Actions: In the event that the Sword of Goliath regains its anomalous properties and/or is encountered outside of the Lyre Family private collection it is advised to not to interact with the Sword but rather to contact either PRAE or the Lyre Family itself so that it may be returned in an appropriate manner.