IMA17: The Monastic Order of Numerodeism

Location: An unidentified ‘interdimensional space’ functions as their monastery, though they do travel pretty much anywhere.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Monastic Order of Numerodeism is a purportedly interdimensional religious organization that reveres individual numbers as gods. Every one of these ‘gods’ has a name and personality; and has to be referred to as persons, for example the number one is known as Thea who is the mother of all the other gods and two is known as Cyntheus who is the father of half of the gods. Rather than expressing math equations normally, the monks express them as stories with complex formulas becoming sprawling epics. The individual monks are required to memorize the names and personalities of all the known gods, which currently number in the billions. When a new god is ‘discovered’ the monks, by an as of yet unknown method, ascertain its name and personality.

The monks present themselves in plain and humble attire, usually wearing undyed hooded robes and keeping all the hair on their head and body clean-shaven regardless of gender. They take their roles as the ‘messengers of the Numero Deities’ extremely seriously and will harshly rebuke anyone ‘disrespecting’ them by using improper ‘names’ or expressing them as mere mathematical concepts. Sometimes the rebuke escalates to the execution of the ‘blasphemer’, especially if the blasphemer made an error in calculation. One of the duties of these monks when in the regular world is recruitment, which they usually achieve by kidnapping and brainwashing college graduates specializing in mathematics. Kidnapped persons usually attain higher intelligence at the cost of the loss of their personality.

Recommended Actions: It is recommended to avoid members of the Monastic Order of Numerodeism as their radically different understanding of mathematics makes conflict on some level inevitable. Avoid conversation as much as possible. If you a college graduate specializing in mathematics, it is advisable to immediately vacate the area if the monks are around as you have high odds of being kidnapped.