PHA18: Voodoo Photo Editor Suite

Location: Various software pirating websites.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Voodoo Photo Editor Suite is a photo editing tool similar to Photoshop that is only available on software pirating websites. When the software is installed and used to manipulate a digital image it will only allow for the manipulation of people or animals in the photo. Any manipulations made to these people or animals in the image will also occur to their real-life counterpart. This process, even if the manipulations are minor, is quite painful for the target and can result in death. Even something as simple as editing skin to appear smoother will cause the subject’s skin to heat up and melt into smoothness.

This anomalous program has the capacity to run itself so long as the device it is on has a power source, going so far as to switch the computer where it is installed back on. When left to its own devices the program will ‘seed’ its code into other programs so that it can reinstall itself if needed, upload itself to other software piracy websites, and most concerningly of all seek out images both on the device and the internet to edit. Oftentimes this means that an unsupervised infected device can cause the mutilation and/or deaths of hundreds or even thousands of people.

Recommended Actions: If the Voodoo Photo Editor Suite is encountered on a website, please report it immediately to the admins of the website. It is advised to these admins that they immediately destroy any servers the program was contained on. If you downloaded or otherwise have the program on any device, immediately and thoroughly destroy the device past the point of salvageability. Do not attempt to interact with the software in any manner.