ILC84: The Microciety

Location: The Lyre Family private collection.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Microciety is an anomalous scale model of a proposed flat earth by the missing amateur Cryptogeographer, Christopher Oswald Lyre, who was in our employ for eleven years before disappearing. It is in the shape of a bowl that measures ten feet (3 meters) in radius and has a depth of three feet (0.9 meters). A plexiglass casing about ten feet (3 meters) tall keeps the stone, metals, soils, water, plants, and assorted organisms contained in the model and arranged into a rough approximation of the topography of earth. There is also an artificial sun that somehow floats about the model supplying light and energy.

On the Microciety model exists what appear to be small, sentient life forms. Individual specimens are bipeds standing at an estimated height of a tenth of an inch (2.5 millimeters) tall. Their anatomy seems to indicate that they are heavily modified ants with a lifespan of five years. It is unknown if Christopher Lyre is responsible, or if he obtained them from another source. They live and die in the model, they build towns and cities, farm crops and mine metals, have festivals and wars, and ultimately progress as societies. Based on an analysis of their language, they do seem to be aware that there is an outside world, and they intend on exploring it somehow. Unfortunately, there have been situations where small holes have been found drilled into the plexiglass. It is presumed that through these holes some of the life forms must have escaped. Considering no constructs resembling those in the model have been found outside of it, it is presumed these exploration parties failed and perished. This is most likely due to the absence of experience these entities have with larger predators.

Recommended Actions: As the Microciety model is currently in the possession of the Lyre Family, it is unlikely for you to encounter it outside of an anomaly exhibition. If you do see it at one of these exhibitions, please be respectful and do no tap on the plexiglass or attempt to access the model. If you encounter the sentient lifeforms from the Microciety outside of the model, please either alert nearby qualified personnel or capture them yourself and return them to Lyre Family staff. These lifeforms are unlikely to survive on their own.