AHI83: Air Marlins

Location: Originate from somewhere in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Air Marlins are anomalous airborne fish, specifically Atlantic blue marlins. In appearance and biology, they are almost indistinguishable from the non-anomalous, water-bound specimens of the species. Their main point of distinguishment is the fact that the Air Marlins ‘swim’ through the air as if it were water, reaching up to sixty-eight miles per hour (110 km/h). They can also use their gills to breathe air. There is also always a cattle brand style marking on the tail resembling the initials VZE incorporated into a spiral pattern, likely from whatever person or entity is responsible for these fish. Of course, clearly being Atlantic blue marlins somehow rendered anomalous means that like their waterborne brethren, Air Marlin can grow up to nearly sixteen and a half feet (5 meters) long. It is unknown if these entities are physically or instinctually capable of reproducing, as they have the necessary biology but have never been observed doing so either in the wild or captivity.

Behaviorally, Air Marlins are significantly more aggressive than non-anomalous marlins. They often go out of their way to injure or kill animals and humans even when not hunting for food. This is typically, and gruesomely, done by utilizing their rapid speed and incredible strength to impale victims on their spear-like snout to then pull the often still alive victim hundreds of feet into the air. If the Air Marlin is hungry, they will at least attempt to eat part or all of the victim there. If the entity is not hungry, it will simply drop the victim seemingly with the intent of hitting another target on the ground such as a person. Air Marlins usually prefer smaller animals when hunting for food.

Recommended Action: Air Marlins are fundamentally dangerous to all who are unfortunate enough to encounter them. Do not underestimate them, they are incredibly strong and fast fish. However, they can be intimidated, and they can be killed. If there are reports of any Air Marlins in your area, it is advised that a team of people is assembled to hunt them down or scare them away. Wearing chainmail if available is recommended for protection, and guns are effective in both killing and scaring Air Marlins.