SLC23: The Parturition Jukebox

Location: Travels between various bars and pubs in Nashville, Tennessee.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Parturition Jukebox is an entity that somewhat resembles a jukebox made of a flesh, bones, muscles, and a thin transparent membrane where glass would be. It has four long and powerful arms it uses to move around as well as manipulate its surroundings. These are hidden in a compartment on the entity when it is not using them. There are three vertical slots in the flesh at the top of the jukebox. From left to right their functions are as follows; an input slot by which the entity can accept new songs from any possible medium, the ‘parturition’ slot, and a payment slot.

This entity operates by setting itself up inside of low traffic bars and pubs to wait for a patron to interact with it. A menu of the songs can be seen through the clear membrane. Once a song has been verbally selected, a long tongue-like appendage will emerge from the payment slot and the jukebox will demand payment. It accepts cash, food, and drink. Once payed it starts near-perfectly replicating the chosen song with its elaborate vocal cords while starting to push a human infant through the parturition slot. The infant will have a genetic composition that is a combination of the musician/musicians behind the song and the Parturition Jukebox itself and have an emotional composure similar to the mood of the song. The jukebox will insist that the baby now belongs to the patron.

Recommended Actions: Though revolting to look at, the Parturition Jukebox is utterly harmless. It can be safely ignored as it has never been known to inflict injury on any person. While there may be a temptation among sterile couples to seek out the Parturition Jukebox to obtain an infant, it recommended not to as there are better and less questionable methods.