SHH24: Beor the Fleshsmith

Location: Varies wildly, anomalous abilities allow it to blend into society and utilize mainstream transportation.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Beor the Fleshsmith is a reportedly ancient entity that has a supposed connection to the Chained Gods by being one of the sons of the Cannibal God. According to the cults associated with the Chained Gods, Beor was sculpted from the flesh and souls of an ancient city state slaughtered by the Cannibal God and then imbued with a portion of its essence. The entity itself claims that it was the product of a union between a priestess queen and the Cannibal God, with the Cannibal God teaching it everything it knows. As Beor has been known to lie about key facts, anything it claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

This entity has no set physical description as it has the ability and willingness to alter its form by utilizing ‘fleshsmithing’ on itself. Fleshsmithing is when this or other entities participate in carving ritualistic runes into flesh in order to trigger anomalous reactions for a desired result, such as growing more tissue immediately or melting it away. Beor specifically uses this to disguise itself by taking the forms of men, women, and children of any age or shape. It takes on these forms to operate in society without impediment. The danger of this entity is what it does when it has the opportunity to practice its craft on the test subjects it has a habit of acquiring.

There are multiple ways in which this entity acquires test subjects. The first method is to break into a home with multiple residents and subdue them. These subjects are then mutilated into various living tools, pieces of furniture, and deformed servile creatures. This is to allow for Beor to use the home as a temporary base of operations. The second method is to abduct subjects either personally or by means of the creatures this entity fashions from victims. The third method is by convincing the subject that their needs can only be achieved through Beor’s fleshsmithing, and so making a deal that is rarely upheld. All these methods, and their subsequent mutilation of the victim, are made all the worse in the situations when Beor collaborates with the entity Burlap (SHH4). How or why these entities get along is unknown, what is known is that their abilities combined can render a small town uninhabitable by humans within a couple weeks due to Beor’s creatures and Burlap’s sadistic rampaging.

Recommended Actions: If Beor the Fleshsmith or any sign of its activity makes itself apparent, it is recommended to evacuate the municipality and alert relevant authorities. In the event of capture by this entity, seek escape by any means necessary. Never make agreements with this entity, it is unlikely to honor them.