The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

Only PRAE employees and Lyre family members approved by the Board are permitted to access this document. Unauthorized access will result in a fine and memory wipe. The Overflowing Merchant is one of our long-term suppliers of anomalies and a newfound operational partner. It has a connection to the Chained Goddess, and therefore a connection … Continue reading The ‘Overflowing Merchant’ Dossier

SMN87: Luther the Outcast

Location: Unknown. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: Luther the Outcast is an anomalous human known to have previously been a high-ranking follower of the Vapors Priest (HHH7) in the Chained Gods Temple before leaving. It is commonly described as being an abnormally large, hairless, and misshapen humanoid draped in a mass of cloths … Continue reading SMN87: Luther the Outcast