SHH32: Flesh Spiders

Location: Formally exclusively found in Antarctica, have since spread to many coastal regions.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Flesh Spiders are an anomalous species of massive arachnid-like vertebrates with facial features roughly resembling humans. Observed specimens range in size from eleven feet (3.35 meters) to seventy-two feet (21.95 meters) in legspan. Coloration and patterns vary wildly, though usually consisting of a variety of flesh tones. The skin is very tough and leather-like, largely resistant to stabbing and bullets. Despite the toughness of the skin, it is not an exoskeleton as this species does have an exceptionally durable endoskeleton.

These entities usually dwell in isolated, densely forested areas near coastlines. Here they will hide among the trees or in buildings waiting for a human or medium to large animal to wander into its territory. Once the human or animal is caught, the Flesh Spider will ‘stretch’ their victim’s body into a single long strand. This process is presumably done by means of fleshsmithing, though the process has not been directly observed. The strand is then taken by the Flesh Spider and used to construct a living web designed to catch additional humans and animals. These additional humans and animals will also be integrated into the web to make it larger, as the Flesh Spiders do not seem to need to eat. The victims integrated into the web are thought to remain conscious to some capacity as the web reacts to stimulus such as the name of the victim being called out.

Most specimens demonstrate high levels of intelligence, being capable of speaking in multiple languages articulately and being able to learn new languages quickly. Survivors of Flesh Spider encounters have made known that these entities frequently try to trick the victim into surrendering themselves if just out of reach. There are also some unverified claims that the Flesh Spiders are capable of rapid and complete regeneration from even near-complete destruction. Attempts to contact any of the specimens for an interview have failed.

Recommended Actions: If encountering a Flesh Spider, or any signs of their presence, it is advised to immediately leave the area and contact local authorities. It is recommended for these authorities to drive them away from any areas where human contact is probable by any means necessary. If it is absolutely necessary to terminate, please contact us at PRAE to advise in the process as terminating any anomalous entity can have unpredictable results.

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