OMA33: The Undead Express

Location: Can manifest with any Light Rail Transit system.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Undead Express is an anomalous electric train, similar in appearance to the trains utilized in the transit systems of many cities. It appears to be a dilapidated and old model and can only be properly differentiated from regular trains due to it having “The Undead Express” marked on it instead of any city designation. Unfortunately, this is often not noticed in time due to passenger preoccupation.

This entity manifests during the day, often integrating itself into the transit schedule of a city. The train will stop at a number of stations in the city, usually between three and eight, collecting passengers. Once it has done this, the entity will pass through into what seems to be another plane of existence. Usually this occurs after passing through a tunnel, but sometimes it will merely ‘skip’ into this plane instantly. In this plane of reality, the train is still on a track making stops. However, there are no buildings with only a seemingly endless plain. At these stops, the Undead Express picks up what are described to be zombies in various states of decay. Each stop seems to have zombies in worse condition than the last.

Passengers trapped on the Undead Express will be left alone if the zombies are not interacted with, be it stimulating them in any manner or staring at them for too long. Interacting with the zombies will cause them to grow agitated quickly and attack the person they deem to be the offender. This becomes more likely as the entity makes more stops, as the population of zombies inside the train increases. Fortunately, the zombies will all depart the train at the last stop in that plane of existence which is either the twelfth or thirteenth stop according to survivors. After that last stop, the Undead Express will return to our plane of existence to drop off the surviving passengers, often in a different city from where they originated.

Recommended Actions: It is recommended to be vigilant of any transit you are boarding to ensure your safety. This entity shows the dangers of not inspecting your potential transportation. If you do find yourself stuck on this entity, do not interact with the zombies in any way. A blindfold may be necessary in the situation.