OMA31: Teutonville Pamphlets

Location: Usually given out by masked men on street corners.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Teutonville Pamphlets are anomalous advertisements for a town that does not exist. The Pamphlets advertise an idyllic, rustic town of friendly people within driving distance of wherever they were received. Though varying between the specific person being advertised to, the town of Teutonville is generally touted as a pinnacle of conservative ideals devoid of criminals.

After receiving the Pamphlet, the victim may feel a desire to visit the town if they have a conservative ideological disposition. They will plan to stay for a few days as a vacation and pack accordingly. Once they drive to the location listed in the Pamphlet, they will take their luggage deep into the field or forest present, sit down and enter an anomalous catatonic state for the planned vacation duration. During this entire time the victim is susceptible to the elements, hunger, thirst, and attack but will be unable to respond at all to these threats. Due to this, the victim can perish before the end of the anomalous catatonic state. If they survive this, they will become aware of their real surroundings at the end of the planned vacation period. Survivors have stated that the entire time they were in the catatonic state they were ‘experiencing’ the town, likely as an anomalous dream.

Recommended Actions: It is recommended to not engage with any pamphlets being handed out by suspicious persons. Generally speaking, you and those close to you should always make sure that you alert each other to any vacation plans. If someone you know communicates that they plan to go to Teutonville, attempt to dissuade them. If that fails, follow them to the location and take care of their needs while their catatonic state persists.