AHA43: The Pouch Man

Location: The North American Rocky Mountains.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Pouch Man is an approximately fifty foot (15.2 meter) tall anomalous entity that wanders the Rocky Mountains searching for prey. Its torso and seemingly mouthless head are about fifteen feet (4.6 meters) tall combined. The arms and legs are long and spindly, with two elbows on each arm and two knees on each leg. Its arms can reach the ground from while the entity is in a standing position. The skin of this entity is tough and resilient to stabbing and most small arms.

Scattered across the torso and head of the Pouch Man are a number of skin pouches it places and holds its victims in. At the bottom of these pouches are mouths lined with flat teeth, as observed when one of the pouches was torn open in an altercation with a Flesh Spider (SHH32). This entity uses its skin pouches to tightly hold onto prey, often for days at a time. When it desires to eat, it uses the mouth at the bottom to pull down the victim and devour them.

Little intelligence is demonstrated by this entity, as it seems to lack proper object permanence and relies on direct hunting tactics to acquire prey. It is surprisingly strong and often will tear apart structures, including concrete structures, when pursuing prey. The Pouch Man will often get into fights with other anomalous entities when it encounters them, likely due to territorial aggression. It is unknown if the Pouch Man is just a lone specimen, or if there are other Pouch Men in the world.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Pouch Man, the key recommendation is to hide while it is in the area. Do not move or make any sounds while hiding. The Pouch Man itself can remain in an area for hours or even days. Once the area is clear, try to use a vehicle to leave the area or use a communication device to get help. If stuck in one of the pouches, try to make as much noise as possible to make sure any other potential victims are aware of the Pouch Man’s presence.